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Todolist, new dev FAQ?

Dec 18, 2007 at 6:33 PM
I found this project about an hour ago through google, and after trying the 1.3.5 beta I've decided I'd love to help out. I tried coding something like this in Visual Basic with Plaxo for the GCal integration, especially the multiple-calendar-merge function, but that turned out to be a pain. (It worked, but the sync process in Microsoft Outlook turned out to be too slow). I'm not much of a C++ dev yet, but can help out with beta testing, translations (I'm from Holland), and after viewing a checkout from SVN, everything looked quite readable. I'm kind off new to the CodePlex system, but SVN seems to work ok enough.

So, my questions are:
What tools do I need to compile stuff?
Is there any dev-oriented documentation? Any documentation at all?
Is there a roadmap, todolist?

Thanks in advance for any answers, I'd love to work on this project, especially on the multiple calendar integration support.