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Support any CalDAV server

Mar 1, 2009 at 3:44 PM
Dear all,

This looks like a very useful project! Microsoft has chosen not to support the open standard CalDAV (to their own disadvantage) and you have all stepped up to the challenge of adding support to Windows Mobile (WM) devices.

I assume that gmobilesync works by synchronising the WM Calendar events with Google Calendar's over CalDAV. This allows the events to be seen by WM's Calendar application.

A problem with Google Calendar is that it does not support VTODO items, which would be called "Tasks" in WM. I am a big user of VTODO items in iCal and would be very very happy to have up-to-date access to my VTODO list on the move.

Are there any future plans to:-

a) support other CalDAV servers? (e.g. free accounts available on
b) support for VTODO items (as WM Tasks)? (not supported by Google Calendar)

I have experience accessing CalDAV servers for VTODO items in Java, and would certainly be able to give pointers to you if you'd like to add this support. I'd offer to code it up myself, but I have no C#/.NET experience and I'm on Apple OS X (so no SDK for WM). At any rate, they are almost the same as VEVENT.

If you intend to set up your own local CalDAV server, I'd strongly recommend DAViCAL ( over the Cosmo server ( as Cosmo is quite a pain to install, and very buggy. If you're on Apple, then the obvious CalDAV server choice should be Darwin CalendarServer ( Unfortunately, CalDAV servers are not yet as easy to install and maintain as they should be.

Mar 1, 2009 at 4:08 PM
I've just spotted that Google now officially support calendar/contact syncing over ActiveSync

That probably deprecates gmobilesync as a Google Calendar sync tool... but if this project becomes a more general CalDAV syncing tool, it is ridiculously more useful.
Mar 2, 2009 at 8:36 AM
Hi fommil,

Thank you for your suggestion.

GMobileSync does not use CalDAV, instead, it use Google Data API SDK for synchronization operations.

Google Sync is great for Calendar sync, it's reliable and fast, which should be enough for daily use. However, GMoibleSync still has its value for its multiple calendar support and maybe other new features we have not think of.

I know little about CalDAV, so I need some time for a research of the topic, if it is better thank Google Data API SDK, I think it's possible that in the fureture we can use it or even make GMoibleSync a gerneal purpose sync tool.
Mar 2, 2009 at 9:20 AM
I'd strongly suggest that you move toward being a general CalDAV sync tool for Windows Mobile. I can give pointers (and example Java code) for querying a server for VTODO items, which is almost the same as VEVENT (the ones you currently sync on).

See and for more details. It's a horrid XML over WebDAV protocol, but it works and most importantly, is being adopted by the community.